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6 Reasons Why Every Content Creator Needs a NanoTek Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Here at NanoTek we are passionate about developing products that solve real world problems and provide a high quality user experience.

When we were looking for a stand for our phones to take good quality photos and videos, we searched for the best available products in the market.

What we found were top end brands selling expensive stands and other ancillary products to connect to the phone. 

But we found this posed the problem of having just another extra piece of equipment to lug around.  

So we went in search of something simpler. Our mission was to develop and create the perfect hands free phone case that utilises whatever hard, flat, and smooth surface is around. 

We knew we found gold with the NanoTek Anti-Gravity phone case.

Here are 6 reasons why every content creator and influencer needs a NanoTek Anti-Gravity phone case:

1. Unplanned Moments of Inspiration (UMIs). When you are casually taking a stroll in the city and you suddenly have an epiphany with the most profound thoughts that you know you will forget later if you don't record immediately. With the NanoTek Anti-Gravity phone case, you fret no more! You can capture and record these thoughts without the arm-aching stretch of the arm trying to get the perfect recording angle for the phone, avoid camera shakes and unsteady footage, and never worry again about bumping into other people on the street!

2. Workout Videos. If you are gym goers like us, you know it's not practical to carry around and set up a phone stand without it being in the way or equipment and other people. With the NanoTek Anti-Gravity Case you have the option of:

    • Handsfree recording your workout routine whilst also seeing yourself in the mirror.
    • Handsfree watching workout videos while you try to imitate the technique
    • Temporarily sticking your phone to the gym equipment you're working on at that moment if you don't have pockets to listen to music.
3. Natural Sunlight. For content creators and influencers the best lighting is often found from a window with natural sunlight. What perfect accessory than to have a phone that sticks to the window at your desired height ready to record or take a selfie handsfree?
4. Group Selfies. Sometimes there isn't someone around to give you a hand with taking a full group selfie. The other option is always someone volunteering to be the sacrifice with unintended arm and big head consequence. This becomes a thing of the past when you find the nearest surface to adsorb your phone to!
5. Practice Moves. You're practicing the latest skateboard flip or basketball trick shots and want to capture every attempt? You get to learn from your missed shots, and you make sure to capture the money shot which you will post everywhere!

6. Creative License. The location, the angle, the style... it all gets far more creative when you can stick your iPhone almost anywhere to capture unusual perspectives.

With the luxury of the NanoTek Anti-Gravity case there in your pocket, already providing protection to your phone, you can have unplanned creative flow whenever and wherever you like. 

We love connecting with our NanoTek community! Tell us how you use your NanoTek Anti-Gravity case in the comments below. Feel free to link your YouTube and Instagram posts... We can't wait to see what you get up to with yours!

*UMIs = Unplanned Moments of Inspiration. We also like coining new terms and acronyms :)